Hi~ I'm Solange, 20 years old from Arequipa-Peru, veterinary student, otaku, gamer and Jmusic lover.
º UVERworld
º Bleach - IchiHime OTP
º Tiger and Bunny
º Assassin's Creed
º Blizzard - WoW, SC, D
º TLR - The Hobbit
º Saint Seiya - SS Omega
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So I just finished downloading all HunterXHunter old version episodes 

And I’m so happy thinking how amazing this version is and how memories in it.

And yea I notice kurapika cuteness in the first opening! and his smiley face *melting*…

I love kurapika 1999 btw.

I’ll just wait until the summer vacation to watch it *excited*

[ to be honest I download it because there is a lot of Kurapika beautiful scenes dosen’t show in the new version. and to be more honest I just download the episode that he appear in lol ]

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It makes me sick…The sensation left on my hand. The grating sound of each strike. The smell of blood! It throws all of my senses into disarray…How can you do these things, yet feel and think nothing at all?! Answer me!