Hi~ I'm Solange, 21 years old from Arequipa-Peru, veterinary student, Otaku, gamer and Jmusic lover.
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oh man! Sekaiichi Hatsukoi is so full with fucking beautiful dudes!
I really want more ;O;! need season 3!
or should I really read the manga …?
I’m scared about the … u know scenes tho x’DDD
the tag has showed me some stuff o_o
oh also! I just read there’s no Yuu on it D:!?
he’s part of my fav triangle! T^T

what should I do? *struggles*

I watched 2 episodes of Fairy Tail ! :DDDD

it was kinda good, it’s really funny, I love  Happy and Gray (I tried the anime mainly just because to him LMAO I KNOW) and the story of Natsu is pretty, he was raised by a dragon and epic shit but now he’s looking for the dragon cause it suddenly dissapeared and ashudbsbshd xD, the thing is magic doesn’t atract me too much x3x and being the main focus of the anime I dunno if I will ever continue watching it x_x 

*sighs* I suck at watching animes Orz

maybe I should stop calling myself an “otaku”

BLEACH MEME (itsbleach):

Top 7 characters (1/7)

  • Kurosaki Ichigo: Ichigo, to me, is the best main anime character ever. He’s just such an awesome combination, you know, he can be grumpy, sweet, bad-tempered, cute, derpy, dorky, funny, silly, brave, etc, etc and I don’t really know how is it possible to not love him. Since the anime started I already loved him, he appeared being this bad-ass guy that was defending a little kid spirit. His past made me love even more, memories in the rain is for sure one of the best Bleach chapters. Then Ichigo shows us how brave he is and how far he would go to keep his promises and save a friend. His development is just wonderfull and I love that he’s not just the regular heroe, he has issues with himself, he gets depressed, he feels compassion, he tries to understand his enemy. I can’t wait too see how is he going to continue evolving and what’s gonna be of him in the future